31/08/1954 Kopys belarus

Élu chef de l’État en 1994 réélu en 2001, 2006, 2010, 2015, 2020 trucage des résultats, présidence controversée
absence de liberté, pratique l'abus d'autorité contre les particuliers. Nazillon, Génocidaire

Lithuanian Minister Gabriel Landsbergis and the Belarusian opposition deceived by press sensationalism over the closure of Belarusian borders. Yesterday the Lithuanian press reported on the closure of Belarusian borders, by decision of the tyrant of Minsk. The Lithuanian foreign minister declared that Belarus was becoming a prison. Without considering the reasons for this decision or its scope. Closing borders and preventing people from leaving undermines the freedom to come and go. The constitution of belarus article 30 recognizes this right in the following terms: Article 30. Constitution 1996 Citizens of the Republic of Belarus have the right to move freely and choose their residence in, to leave and return to the Republic of Belarus without hindrance. However, this freedom may be restricted in article 63 in these terms: article 63. Within the framework of the special measures taken during the state of emergency, the rights mentioned in articles 24, 25 al. 3, 26 and 31 of the Constitution cannot be restricted. This requires learning about the powers of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Who can declare a state of emergency: article 63. Within the framework of the special measures taken during the state of emergency, the rights mentioned in articles 24, 25 para. 3, 26 and 31 of the Constitution cannot be restricted and 84-22nd
taken during the state of emergency, the rights mentioned in articles 24, 25 para. 3, 26 and 31 of the Constitution cannot be restricted and 84-22nd The President in the event of a natural disaster, disaster, or disturbance involving violence or the threat of the use of force by a group of persons or organizations that endanger the life and health of persons or compromise the territorial integrity or the existence of the State, declares a state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, or on a part thereof and presents the decision to the Council of the Republic for approval within three days. The information from June 1 concerned the declaration of a state of emergency in Belarus. This correct information kept Minister Landsbergis from being taken for a joke, as well as Svetlana's coordination committee from denouncing this State of Emergency restricting the freedom to come and go. Because it would seem that a procedural flaw exists. Admittedly, making Luckasanko look like a puppet and making fun of it also constitutes information. However, it is advisable to verify his actions before ridiculing them in the press. The reader deserves respect. in Minsk another fact was hidden from readers, reported by the Swiss press: the suicide in court of litigant Stepan Latypov. As in the past the Buddhist monks set themselves on fire in public. The special courts of Minsk have "lead" in the wing "according to the French expression. read

against Lukasencko
by 2021 June 4
Statement was filed in early May by four Berlin lawyers on behalf of ten Belarusian victims of the security forces in August last year. We are talking about inhuman transport conditions, detention, beatings, threats and insults. "We are waiting for the federal prosecutor's office to open a formal investigation," he added. said the lawyer for the newspaper Onur Ozata. According to the applicants, the prosecutor's office should investigate crimes committed in Belarus in accordance with the principle of universal jurisdiction. On May 19, it was learned that the office of Belarusian Democratic leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya sent a letter to the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Germany urging Federal Prosecutor Peter Frank to initiate criminal proceedings against Alexander Lukashenko and representatives of his regime in following a request filed by German Lawyers on behalf of ten Belarusians.

I am not asking to you to believe in astrology because I am not an astrologer even if i use helio. But it is often useful to understand. Lukasencka was born on 08/31/1954. There are very few politicians for this date, except a former socialist president in France  NAMED François Hollande born on 12/08/1954. He is distinguished by the fact of having hindered the chances of the right to return to power in France, for more than 20 years, in particular François Fillon, by initiating a trial. In the Fillon and Hollande struggle, we find political elements used in Belarus by Luckashenko: in particular the ideological struggle. But ideology currently constitutes the essence of Minsk's talk. Condemnation of the West, and of Europe, presented as "Nazillions", in the face of the exemplary Sovietism of liberation. Adamkus portrayed as a Nazi for his past dealings with the Minsk Butcher. We find this ideological concern in Joe Biden 11/20/1942. Let us return to the model of Lukasencko via Hollande the former French president. Hollande defeated the right, as well as the left, by electing Macron, who was running neither from the right nor from the left. After Hollande, no more socialists in France. It is very curious because for more than 20 years, Hollande would manage the socialist party of President François Mitterrand; 1st socialist president of France elected in 1981. We are looking for signatures likely to agree with Lukasancko / Holland. It's not Putin (07/10/1952). Lukasencko is post-sovietism and Lithuania is not ready for that. There is now in the sky of Lukasencko a very special mechanism in the form of 3 relations: jupiter-venus-uranus to take the language of traditional astrologers. in fact it would be necessary to say jupiter sun, sun venus and sun uranus. This means that Lukasencko prefers easy solutions when it suits him. He still has some very nasty surprises in store, such as the Ryanair hijacking on May 23, 2021, on two or three occasions in the coming year, unless he dies before. His death should be considered within 12 months. He will surprise. To be continued...
heliographic sky of Lukasencko on the 930 millions km of circonference of the earth.

what we interest us?

Some explanations
are useful to understand. Heliocentric graphics are very different from geocentrism. First of all, the planetary movements are in accordance with astronomy. Each planet prograde by having 2 movements: sidereal relation (going around its orbit) and synodic relation (with the sun). The planets each on its axis have no relationship between them. Astrologers say they analyze March moon relationships. This does not exist in heliography because the moon is the satellite of the earth without deviating more than 400,000 kms. The circle is used to represent the planets. Without using the 12 sectors said of the zodiac which is only the old Macedonian calendar from the book of Ptolemy. The circle used represents the circumference of the earth of 930 million km traveled in a year from September 24 to September 24 of the following year. The heliographic zero point is on September 24 when the earth returns to its origin. to mark the start of the new year. In heliocentrism, each degree counts while traditional astrologers favor only 10% of the 360. Astrologers have made the Moon a free planet, while the moon is the earth satellite traveling through space at the same speed as the Earth according to an average of 28 to 30 degrees longitude monthly. Lukasencko's theme constitutes an attempt at an explanation using the rules of astronomy.

Since 2020 there has been a significant deviation in legal practices in Belarus. Thus the president does not have the legal power to modify the constitution. Yet he illegally proposed his replacement in case of sudden death by a security council. While the law provides that the Prime Minister exercises power until the next presidential election. The president does not have the power to order the military to act. On May 23, a mig 29 hijacked the Ryanair flight. The Kremlin brought in one of its military aircraft to force a civilian flight to land in Minsk. Political practice is increasingly deviating from the rules governing the lives of residents of Belarus.

planets positions real : all distances in UA ( 1 ua=150 000 000 kms) and speed at km/s

MEAN SUN 31081954
158° 54' 29''        
188° 55' 13''        4° 24' 33''        0.4016117        46.09628        
291° 31' 36''        -1° 57' 39''        0.7279741        34.79659                                                
337° 19' 46''        0° 00' 01''        1.0093768        29.51806                                                                        
337° 13' 55''        -0° 00' 48''        1.0071250        28.67416
313° 31' 58''        -1° 50' 27''        1.3897360        26.35313                                                                        
103° 32' 13''        0° 04' 49''        5.1899232        13.09605                                        

220° 01' 13''        2° 22' 58''        9.8416906        9.34367        

113° 55' 51''        0° 29' 53''        18.6634446        7.00655        

205° 30' 32''        1° 42' 27''        30.3156649        5.39111
144° 44' 49''        10° 02' 40''        35.1471031        5.30509