KONTRABANDA- Contrebande- tobbaco smuggling-SANCTIONS

Contraband cigarettes smuggled in by smugglers have been sentenced to jail 2021-08-30 17: 38: 00Kauno.diena.lt inf. Text size: Print Contraband cigarettes smuggled in by smugglers were sentenced to imprisonment Associative Criminal Service of Customs and Photo Canva The Siauliai Regional Court fined four residents of Šalčininkai district for transporting Belarusian cigarettes with fines and prison terms. On Monday, the court found A.J., 25, S.M., 24, P.P. 26, and D.U. 21-year-old guilty of illegal disposal of excise goods, the court said. For the crime committed, the court sentenced A.J. to two years in prison. This penalty is aggregated with the portion of non-execution previously imposed for another committed crime. The Court ruled that after the entry into force of this sentence, AJ will have to serve part of the prison sentence - 9 months - immediately, and postpone for 2 years the remaining part of the unfulfilled custodial sentence - 1 year for 3 months. AJ is obliged not to leave the house between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., if this is not related to work or education, not to leave the city / district of residence without the permission of the authority supervising the convicted person. Three other young people were fined: S.M. 9.9 thousand. P.P. - 7.9 thousand euros. OF. - 7.9 thousand euros. Euro. Each convicted person will have to pay within one year of the verdict being taken. The Peugeot Boxer car, which is stored in the Pagėgiai border team, will be confiscated once the verdict is delivered. According to case data, in the early morning of October 23 last year, boxes with 14.5 thousand boxes were scattered from the train from Lyda town in Belarus to Klaipėda in šiauliai district, in the entrance to Paveys station. packets of "Fest" cigarettes. The value of the contraband, including the taxes that must be paid, exceeds 50,000 euros. Euro. These cigarettes were marked with Belarusian labels. Shortly after, 14,000 people were killed. packs of cigarettes were loaded by the men into the "Peugeot Boxer" minibus, which traveled to Kaunas. However, the men were satisfied with the cargo of contraband cigarettes for a short time, officials of the Pagėgiai border team of the State Border Guard Service received a report from the Criminal Intelligence Division on the minibus heading towards Kaunas. The car loaded with contraband cigarettes and the D.U., P.P. and S.M. in the vicinity of Kryžkalnis were stopped by officers. Around the same time, A.J. was arrested by border guards near the aforementioned Paveiai station. The man, who was walking on the train tracks, saw border guards and rushed to flee, but was quickly arrested. The rest of the contraband was also found here - 500 packs of 'Fest' cigarettes. During the searches, black knit masks were found with the men, as it soon became apparent that they were covering their faces with these masks at the time of the smuggling. The persons from whom the contraband cigarettes were purchased were not identified during the preliminary investigation. During the preliminary investigation, it was established that one of the accused had entered illegally as he boarded the train, while the others joined at the intended location - Paventys. The defendants initially denied their guilt, but pleaded guilty in court and testified in court. The men said they were just tempted by the opportunity to make some money. They said they may have been involved in this crime and asked the court not to impose harsh sentences. The case was handled under a shortened procedure for examining evidence. Two defendants have already been punished for possession of contraband cigarettes, one of which still owes the state € 7,000 and the other € 21,000. The state prosecutor asked the court to sentence AJ to 2 years 4 months in prison, this sentence included part of the previously imposed non-execution sentence, SM - 1 year in prison, the prosecutor asked the prosecutor to PP and DU defendants to impose fines of 200 MGL (10,000 euros) for each.

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