"People are not only suffering from the regime in Belarus, they are dying of it, "Opposition leader Sviatlana Cichanouskaya wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday. Regarding the death in prison of vitold Ashurock of the Popular Front of Belarus, unjustly sentenced to 5 years of detention by the regime of Génocidaire Lukasancko and his henchmen.

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Détournement d'avion : pirate hostage.

on May 23, 2021 a mig 29 from Belarus, or maybe RUSSIA received at 1 p.m. the order from Lukasancko to divert to Minsk, a Ryanair flight destined for Vilnius. Reason for this pirate hostage-taking hijacking, the presence on board of Roman Protavicius of the Nexta website. At 1 pm, the flight took the direction of Minsk in order to land there. the internet services of Delfi and Kauno Diena reported a bomb threat, which quickly dissipated among the 171 passengers. Protavicius, supporter of Svetlana Tiskhanoskayan is wanted by Minsk under the qualification of terrorist, in the sense of Lukasancko the psychopath, the mentally ill. Belarusian police threaten to execute Protavicius without warning. Svetlana published a press release on this arrest, with her advisor Franack. To reconcile with the hostage-taking of tutby on May 18, and calls from the Lithuanian police to my home, yesterday May 22 and this morning 23, following the posting of on May 21 to intercept my emails .MTK
photo bns hostage taking in Minsk and hijacking. Lukasencko is engaged in aerial piracy. Protavicius, neither on file, nor sought after by interpol as a criminal terrorist, is free of his ideas. Pavel Latuscko informs that 6 people of this Ryannair flight remain in Belarus, among them is a Russian student Sofia Segara, who seems to be the source of the first information, about this incredible hijacking

On August 10, 2020,
it became known that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had left the country in an unknown direction. There was no connection with her. In tro m August 11, the Lithuanian government announced that the former presidential candidate on their territory. It is known that the Belarusian special services took her abroad. The expulsion of Tikhanovskaya from Belarus was a condition for the release of the head of his headquarters, Maria Moroz. As Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's press secretary Anna Krasulina noted in a comment for, Tikhanovskaya "considers it necessary to use all possible initiatives to bring those responsible for violations of citizens' rights to justice and strongly supports such initiatives ". The playwright, director of the Free Theater, Nikolai Khalezin, explained to his request to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. His family is speaking out as open witnesses, pointing out that Tikhanovskaya's case is already berry: the repression by Belarusian authorities has only grown in recent decades. The Khalezin family, who now live in London, were forced to flee the country due to political persecution following the 2010 presidential elections. “In December 2010, all our friends were arrested, searches and interrogations took place at our parents' home, they searched for us at all our acquaintances and in places where we usually went. We managed to secretly leave the country on New Years Eve 2011. After that, not knowing that our daughter had left with us, they looked for her and questioned our relatives. They wanted to deprive us of parental rights and take the child to an orphanage. We announced that our daughter was with us and that process stopped. At that time, my wife and I had about five criminal cases, ”says Nikolai Khalezin. “It's the special services, it's the KGB, the Interior Ministry… Before that, we were both arrested and imprisoned. Therefore, this is not new to us, it is political persecution. Our major Belarusian case filed in The Hague deals with systemic violations by Belarusian authorities that have been committed over several years, ”Nikolai Khalezin said in a comment for The last resting place. Will the ICC help Belarusians? Based on article 15 of the Rome Statute, any person, group or organization can submit information on charges of crimes or potential crimes to the International Criminal Court. States become parties to the ICC, and crimes committed by their citizens or on their territory fall within its jurisdiction, in effect ratifying the Rome Statute. But Belarus has neither signed nor ratified the Rome Statute. However, the Belarusian case of forcible expulsion from the country and forced to emigrate mo Jette be brought to the International Criminal Court for two reasons. First, our case concerns countries which, unlike Belarus, have ratified the Rome Statute - these are Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine: crimes were partially committed on the territory of these countries. Second, the ICC can accept the Belarusian case on the basis of the principle of precedence. In 2019, the tribunal began considering the case of the Rohingya people, who were forced to flee Myanmar to Bangladesh due to religious and social conflicts, which resulted in violence. The massive persecution of Muslims by Buddhists began after the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl, in which the Rohingya was accused. As a result of the conflict, hundreds of people died, thousands lost their homes, many ended up in camps. The ICC has accepted the Rohingya case, although Myanmar has not ratified the Rome Statute, while Bangladesh, where the Rohingya were forced to flee, has. The Rohingya case is still pending before the ICC. The International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR), the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the advocacy organization Global Diligence and the organization Truth Hounds are working on the Belarusian trial with our diaspora.

international helplessness
Bad luck continues Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda. Indeed, on Sunday the Lithuanian national press published an article on its first year of presidency, describing it as "little better". Indeed, his second year shows a little more will, with the repetition of the same mistakes noted Kauno Diena

However, the hijacking that occurred on May 23, 2021 gave him an opportunity to express his will, which he let through by habitual procrastination. Indeed, the reactions to this unusual event on a Pentecost Sunday, organized by the psychopathic leader of a neighboring state fall into 2 categories: the reactive, 2 in number and the helpless. The Polish Prime Minister and the former Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius each called for a rapid response to this aggression without receiving echoes on Twitter from the international community to take action. To the "I ask and I demand" of the powerless of the day, joined the American Blinken, and Joseph Borrel associated with Ursula Von der leyden of the European Community. All, or more or less, demanded the release of hostages from Belarus, according to the ambient speech of the powerless without obtaining satisfaction. Certain passengers were released at the end of the day, however 6 of them, according to Pavel Latushko, remained prisoners in Minsk. Among the cowards is Macron's minister Le Driant, while the hostage-taking involved 9 French people. We can thus see that the French passport does not protect its nationals. By the disinterest of a minister. This additional official resignation will cost Macron his post in 2022 in the next presidential elections.

these reactions all testify to an international impotence. Europe does not protect anyone against threats from a psychopath, able with a military jet, to hijack an airliner. No theft security. Hamas proved that attending the Olympics was dangerous with the hostage-taking of Yasser Arafat in Germany. Lukasancko shows that hijacking for political ends exposes passengers to hostage taking. Here is the return to the conditions of sea travel of the first years of the year 1000. Soon the practice of ransom will develop with complete impunity. Because Lukasancko will go unpunished for his hijacking. A lesson for Putine.

the ryanair hijacking of a flight from krakow to berlin on the night of may 30 to 31 is the source of a joke for passengers. Watch out for the false bomb threat. New low cost company reputation

FAILURE OF A loved WOMAN AND A belarus Politician
Svetlana is 10 years old to have her husband released. She has now lost everything. EU sanctions are useless, they can be circumvented. Sergey was sentenced to 10 years in the camp by a drunk and drunken judge from Gomel today. The week was off to a good start. Europe on June 21 announced a 4th package of sanctions. Useless because 24 Sergey was sentenced to 10 years by a drunken and drunken judge from Gomel. Svetlana has to start all over again. Knowing that Lukasencko has cancer which threatens his life at all times.