WE WILL TRY BY HELIOGRAPHIC analysis to explain the next months and climates.
it is not astrology, just a reading by planets
we will publish charts, and some more explanations

Some dates to know: we just need date and place hour not needed
-Lukasencho 31/08/1954 born same year and month as french president François Hollande (12/08)
-Vladimir Makei 05/08/1958 former Foreign Minister since 20/08/2012
-Svetlana Tiskhanovskaya 11/09/1982 belarus, also named in lituania Sviatlana Chichanouskaja
-sergey Tiskanowsky (husband of Svetlana under bars in Grodno belarus since 2020 may 29)

-Gitanas Nauseda Klaipeda 19 may 1964 actual former president of Lituania helped valdas adamkus
-Ingrida SIMONYTE 15/11/1974 VILNIUS actual former Premjera of lituania
- Ausrine Armoneité (unknown) declared unusually candidate as to be next liberal president june 12 of 2021
- Linas Linkevicius Vilnius 06/01/1961 ex Foreign Minister of Nauseda activ on tweeter for Navalny in russia

1-first analysis : in the next 2 YEARS lukasencko will die

2- Climate of sumer 2021 We note positions of the planets from june 15 to september 1st
mean sun 83° to 160°39'
mercury 272° to 266°34'
venus 135°13' to 261°46'
Earth 264°24' to 339°03'
moon 264°17' to 339°13'
mars 144°21' to 178°32'
jupiter 321° 23' to 328°19'
Saturn 308°42' to 311°06'
Uranus 41°11' to 42°03'
Neptune 351°13' to 351°42
Pluto 295° 63' to 295°46'

You can observe that at each end speeds are differents (mercury venus moon fast)
and Saturn Uranus Neptune very slow
It is necessary to compare charts below with positions 0-90-180-270°
june 15
Europe will deny Svetlana's Coordination Council the sanctions it is demanding after the hijacking of the Ryanair plane on 23 May. Sanctions are unnecessary. Customers from Belarus terminate their contracts as with BMZ tractors. Employees of Belorus sanatorium in Lithuania have not been paid since February, Svedbank blocked bank accounts. Svetlana will be unloved by the population to demand sanctions. Bad solution, source of unemployment. Svetlana badly advised. Lots of chances lost.The solutions proposed by the Borrel committee will not work.These solutions will be insufficient to free Sofia Sapega, Raman Protasevic and Sergey in Gomel

twitter june 21 at 10h35
The EU decided to freeze assets and imposed visa bans on 78 Belarusian officials and 8 businesses. The list includes several businessmen, as well as members of Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s family, rectors, prosecutors, judges, police officers and high-ranking military personnel. All of them are not a real solution.

Tvitter july 10
You must understand that the migratory threats were a whim.

End of whim
On July 8, 2021, there was a minor aspect for geocentric astrologers in the form of venus quadrature uranus. Refer to Luckasencho's sheet highlighting an unstable connection of Venus and Uranus in his map. In heliocentric it is less obvious because first of all the synodic relations sun Venus and sun uranus predominate. no relationship between planets. However, on July 10, we note the end of a whim: that of the blackmail of migrants after the European sanctions of June 21. Luckasencko realized that his migratory retaliation backfired by affecting his cross-border smuggling. Threatening his income with Oleskin. You must understand that the migratory threats were a whim. it is that one can deduce from a reading by the planets. Luckasencko is an unstable and capricious individual.Step by step we progress in the psychological portrait of Lukasencko.

september 1st
in june all begin from earth till mars, and in september no line to mars
so it means atmosphere will be differents. Maximun chance for Svetlana is behind her (Jupiter)

Svetlana Planets Position (real) in distance UA and speed km/s 11/09/1982 Belarus (origin Wikipedia)

soleil apparent (mean sun)
169° 57' 56''        
longitude        latitude        distance UA from sun        vitesse km/s                
288° 57' 14''        -6° 07' 25''        0.4490834                40.73896        
134° 19' 04''        2° 52' 23''        0.7184385                35.25832        
348° 12' 51''        0° 00' 00''        1.0066797                29.58827        
348° 21' 14''        -0° 00' 12''        1.0063688                29.46580        
273° 30' 24''        -1° 17' 14''        1.4475258                25.36735        
226° 01' 11''        1° 03' 37''        5.4146149                12.54412        
203° 57' 54''        2° 29' 09''        9.7106937                 9.49137        
243° 57' 47''        0° 08' 04''        18.8994776                 6.92425        
266° 10' 55''        1° 15' 42''        30.2712806                 5.41095        
206° 35' 45''        17° 01' 56''        29.9426385                 6.08523

Svetalana Sky september 11 1982
You can believe her when she said she not want to be belarus president. iT is her real will and wish too. In politic she prefers serv people and propose solution of well being. She is honest and you can trust in her. She dealed with lituanian president, last august 2020, how to support her, and her politic action (ask for new election in the country and european sanctions-by Eu compensation mechanism lituania will receive money for each sanction ordered- For example belarus not used lituanian railroad to transport fuel from Klaipeda harbour to Minsk. EU will pay Lituania by compensation of this lost of activity.

Sergey (husband) August 18 of 1978

1975-08-18  06:41:15        mean sun 146° 00' 35''
It was an error because he was born on 1978, august, 18 and not on 1975 i am sorry for this mistake.
but after 3 new simulations i found it and can explain now        
323° 26' 15''   
-6° 58' 27''      
Speed km/s
275° 31' 23''   
-1° 06' 30''      
Speed km/s
324° 58' 52''    -0° 00' 00''       1.0121528       29.41118        
324° 58' 34''    0° 00' 25''        1.0145554       30.49948        
214° 53' 58''    0° 27' 47''        1.5861295       23.15972        
111° 02' 27''    0° 14' 42''        5.2206628       13.01910        
153° 39' 12''    1° 36' 15''        9.2734509       9.93727          
225° 41' 38''    0° 21' 57''        18.6433515     6.99619          
257° 21' 50''    1° 26' 14''        30.2847687     5.38494          
196° 14' 33''    17° 06' 17''      30.3369089     6.00753                                                                
it means that Sergey is in the geocentric view if you prefer Scorpio. In heliocentric we not believe in this division of earth and for us we need to think as a lonely planet. Of course we still have the link sun+mars But at this time Mars is not on the Vernalis point, just after Mars return back at 214°. Sun this day is at 146° difference between is 8° Can we think about this near conjonction? But conjonction is not still time.

All August no news from Sviatlana.
It should be remembered from the above that the heliocentric transits mars come have an effect on the transits of Venus. It remains to be verified during the passages of March.
Mars at the position of Vernalis.
The English astronomer Bede the Venerable named Vernalis, spring, the position of the Earth from SUN at 180 ° of its longitude. He observed at this remarkable point the development of this well-known season of awakening of the Earth and the vegetation. This time we are interested will be the position of Mars at Vernalis so 214+180 near real 120°, that is to say at 180 ° of its longitude. Why? Not to observe the Martian spring, about which we are not told much. But to observe if this affects the march of Serghey Tikanosky the husband of Sviatlana. by birth. Opportunity to draw an observation consequence for the Martians? On September 1, 2021, Mars will not be 180 ° from its longitude. It should be not a Martian Spring period. At least if that exists and if we reason according to the mode of Bede the Venerable and the geocentrics.

Mars should be at Vernalis exactly at 120° next year in 2022. Because Mars move on 2 years.
This observation is experimental. Because firstly made with the geocentric concept according to which Aries and Scorpio would be Martian domiciles. However, we are in heliocentric, and do not take for principle that only the Vernalis position at 180 ° of Longitude of natal Mars of Sergey is for us more important, compared to the date of birth of 08/18 should have effect. Or around September 21, 2021 for Sviatlana's husband, we see NOTHING. This makes Vernalis a remarkable point already observed by Bede the Venerable at 180 ° of longitude with the spring effect for the Earth. The consequence is that the so-called 180 ° angle of opposition of the geocentrics would be effective. Observation to be verified on site next year. And to be extended to other planets in a similar position. There is no literature on the subject. Everything must therefore be reviewed from top to bottom. The interpretation is quite different from that of the geocentrics on a similar angularity. The meaning of the point Vernalis.
Sorry for my error.

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22 orders since 08/15-2021: positions of the planets + analyzes

The following facts were observed in July and August 2021
Mid July 2021 the Zergalo publication
io wrote that Sviatlana was planning to meet Joe Biden, during a promotional trip to the United States. However, nothing should be expected from this meeting, presented without a specific date immediately according to Zergalo. The meeting took place on July 28, 2021, giving the opportunity to "Ms. Pit-bull sanctions" to demand additional sanctions in Iranian format against Belarus. Without taking into account the weaknesses accumulated by Belarus. in particular more than 410,000 layoffs since January 2021, inflation of + 10% and reduction in pensions for more than 7 months. Saint PETERSBOURG).
We noted in the sky a conjunction Mars Venus in July, absent from the sky of Sviatlana. In Mesopotamian antiquity Venus is represented by Inana, the goddess of destruction. We must think of a double influence. So the Venus of Sviatlana redoubled her ardor to destroy her country. We note that in July 2021 a double action was activated, the consequences of which will not be visible until the end of 2021 with the arrival of mass unemployment in the country following the end of the reprocessing of the country's oil resources. Prime Minister Golovzencho failed to replenish the country with fuel.

On August 9, 2021 Sviatlana reappeared for a brief appearance in an interview with Gabriel Landsbergis in Vilnius, during his return with Biden.

The Belarusian migrant crisis gave rise to alarmist remarks relayed by without any reaction from the Sviatlana Coordination Council on this topical fact. Behind the scenes the Belarusian Pen club was assigned by the power of Minsk, scheduled to disappear, without official reaction from Sviatlana. The same was true of the Belarusian BAJ on July 15. The office of the Association of Journalists One after the other Belarusian NGOs were destroyed except Viasna for Human Rights, hosted in Europe at

On August 3, 2021, Ylga Johansson's visit brought a respite to Lithuania on the Belarusian migrants front. In particular by teaching Lithuanians that they could deport migrants, which is in line with the Schengen agreements. Which gave rise to two new Lithuanian propaganda:
1- absurd idea to build a border fence of 600 km at the expense of Europe.
2- false accounts of the expelled from August 3 The Lithuanian press making believe in the daily expulsions.
On August 10 Vilnius was shaken by a crisis of rejection of the Covid.
On August 15 Kabul was taken over by the Taliban. A second wave of migration was created in Lithuania with Afghan migrants repatriated from Kabul.
Lithuanian society announced a political crisis with the march of Lesbians and homosexuals on September 10, 2021 in Kaunas and Vilnius at the Diet.

All August no news from Sviatlana.
It should be remembered from the above that the heliocentric transits mars come have an effect on the transits of Venus. It remains to be verified during the passages of March.

remember Sviatlana's claim in 2020: notably his statement to on September 11 "I have a country behind me". While she was simply taking advantage of the effect of an 80/20 Pareto invariant she made the mistake on October 26, 2020 of calling for a general strike in Belarus, it was a total failure. Let us recognize in Sviatlana the courage to step up to the plate, without mentioning her setbacks. She did better in the role of Mrs Pitt bull Sanctions with Europe during the 3 sanction packages.
Sviatlania sent the public, especially women, to demonstrate in the street. This resulted in prosecution for "picketing" and abuse of power in Minsk (35,000 people prosecuted to date according to Viasna for Human Rights.) In September 2020 , each weekend gave rise to monster demonstrations of more than 2,000 people. Today, after having made the most of this gain in the streets, Sviatlana only has the local support of the diaspora for scattered demonstrations during her travels. She was losing the street, while Nina Baginskaya retained this advantage.

THE WINNER OF SUMMER 2021 PAVEL LATUSCKA born 10/02/1973 at Minsk
real planets positions
mean sun
longitude 320° 12' 00''        
longitude 357° 57' 50''        latitude-5° 22' 50''        distance UA 0.3570831        velocity speed km/s 51.75571venus
longitude        287° 00' 24''        latitude-1° 43' 40''        distance UA 0.7278067        velocity 34.80468        
Earth 141° 24' 05''        -0° 00' 01''        0.9868664        30.17892        
Moon 141° 15' 29''        0° 00' 40''        0.9866950        30.15637        
Mars 237° 43' 50''        -0° 16' 11''        1.5298917        24.03161        
Jupiter 292° 37' 13''        -0° 16' 53''        5.1531521        13.18959        
Saturn 79° 26' 53''        -1° 23' 32''        9.0263795        10.16981        
Uranus 200° 15' 37''        0° 37' 20''        18.3926110        7.08974        
Neptun 245° 25' 49''        1° 37' 11''        30.3139292        5.39746        
Pluto 182° 47' 57''        16° 25' 19''        31.1208716        5.87761                        
I proposed, without preconceived idea, to sweep the sky of the 2 months of summer 2021 in order to find a clue. It did not occur to me to associate with it the synodic aspect Sun Venus from the sky of Sviatlana to foresee while ignoring the meaning of its venus, oriented destruction. As well as ignoring the date of birth of Pavel Latuscko born February 10, 1973 in Minsk. Who could guess the revelation of the sprinter kristina Timanovskaya on 08/01/2021 born on 11/19/1996 in Belarus, and her political criticisms propelled into the news by an ukase of dictator Lukasencko. refusing to return to Minsk to receive an unjust and undeserved sanction. This critical fighter of the true patriotic Belarus obtained the help of Pavel Latuscko in the form of a Polish visa via a transfer to Vienna, then to Warsaw, for direct integration into the Polish Olympic team. Pavel, through his personal relations, obtained between August 1 and 4, 2021 for this Olympic sprint tranfuge the transfer to Poland. We admire Pavel's availability to help an athlete in need, find a solution for her to pursue her career, simply help her. The Coordinating Council was ineffective. And absent. Thank you Pavel for this patriotic help as unexpected as it is. effective in solving a difficult situation by getting personally involved to save krystina ..