Today, we’re standing in front of the Russian consulate here in New York City to observe the 40th anniversary of the Day of the Imprisoned Writer. We’re joined by award-winning Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseyev, who was himself released from unjust imprisonment recently. 

In fact, it was just two years ago, on a cold November day not unlike this one, that we rallied in front of the consulate on Aseyev’s behalf, as well as for all the writers and journalists who have been arrested and persecuted as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. Shortly after our 2019 action, Aseyev was released, and today, his courage remains undaunted as he joins us in calling for the release of his fellow Ukrainian journalists. 
At our 2019 Empty Chair rally on behalf of Stanislav Aseyev. The Day of the Empty Chair is a longstanding tradition of presenting an empty chair to symbolize and honor a writer who cannot be present because they have been imprisoned, detained, disappeared, threatened, or killed.

But we can’t do this work without your help, claude. Help us continue calling for the release of Aseyev’s colleagues who remain illegally detained and imprisoned for their writing and speech on the occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. By rushing a contribution today, you’re sending a message to the Russian government that PEN America and its allies won’t stand for their persecution of writers. 

Thank you,
Polina Sadovskaya
Program Director, Eurasia