Lunation october 12  october 2021
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Lunation september 29 at 01h58

2021 october 12 First quarter of october lunation at 05h25
For several years I edited an astrology magazine in French and pdf color. It is the first time that I do it in English by developing a new concept: astroeliocentrism In a few words there is geocentrism or classical astrology divided into 12 sectors or signs called dodecatémories in the treatise on mathematics called tetrabiblos by the greek Ptoleme. But there is also astroeliocentrism. The representation of which is a circle, that of the Earth of 930 million kms, without division into signs. Because they don't exist. each planet is in an orbit, connected to its Sun. There are thus 2 basic relations: sidereal and synodic. Sidereal means that each planet goes around its orb. For example Mercury whose circumference is so small that the planet traverses it in 4 times during the year in 87 days. The Earth I said takes 365 days 25 to travel 930 million kms between September 23, and 24 each year. This is the synodic relationship because the earth returns to its equinox or vernal position. If you prefer from point 0 to point 0. The zero point of the earth begins on September 23rd. every year.Remember this basis. A single calendar is based on the earthly revolution the Jewish calendar, from the Mesopotamian calendar.
A traditional Lunation have 4 parts: 1st quarter, full moon, second quarter and new moon.

full moon october 2021, october 20
On October 20, 2021 A.Navalny received the Shakarov Prize awarded by the European Commission. In 2020 Sviatlana received the same award for her peaceful opposition to Lukasencko. 50,000 euros without convincing results.
What interests us here is called residual luck. It is generally observed that the passages of jupiter between 30 and 60 ° correspond to phases of luck of the type "to find money on the ground" of small sums generally.
It is usually said that these individuals are "varnished" because they are generally lucky. Today we observed in the sky the position of Uranus on the native Jupiter of Navalny. Reading is easy for a geocentric astrologer. Two planets on top of each other herald success. In astroeliocentrism it is more complicated because each planet is in its orbit. And we observe that the passage of Uranus on 47 ° degree, nothing else. Does this mean that Uranus would have the same property of luck? This remains to be observed. We certainly remember the discovery of the krelmin poison and its rescue in extremis in Germany. But uranus has been on these degrees since April 1, 2019. Without a series of Navalny successes being noted.
Un cas de chance résiduelle inattendue aurait été sa libération à Moscou lors de son retour d'Allemagne.Au contraire Putine s'acharnait à l"incarcérer. Alors que penser? Le prix Shakarov est de type "Cadeau empoisonné" Notez la phrase de Putine à propos du prix Nobel de la Paix 2021"ce n"est pas une protection". Certes le Kremlin a une tache compliquée à raison de son projet d'union avec le bélarus le 4 novembre prochain.Les prix sont des poisons. to be continued....

Sybille de Panzoust