Latypov suicide

German Foreign Ministry called Latypov's suicide
attempt a symbol of "the desperation into which Lukashenka plunges Belarusians with brutal violence" 04/06/21 / 08: 52 / Germany NewsViews: 169 A- A + The official representative of the German Foreign Ministry, Maria Adebar, made a statement regarding the attempted suicide in court by political prisoner Stepan Latypov. Defender of the fresco with the "DJs of Changes" on June 1 during the trial in his case, tried to commit suicide by cutting my throat. It was delivered to the Scientific and Practical Center of Minsk Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology, where it was performed operation ... Currently, Stepan has been transferred to SIZO No. 1. President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that what happened "shocks and symbolizes the despair into which Lukashenka plunges Belarusians through repression and brutal violence." In this regard, she believes, it is necessary to reaffirm "very clearly our request: to release all political prisoners, to move towards a national dialogue and to organize fair, free and legal elections". Berlin stressed that the European Union was holding consultations on the expansion of sanctions against Belarus.

Balaba...bla bla
The new blabla of balaba According to on June 03, 2021 It should be noted that investigators contacted a 51-year-old Molodechno resident and a 39-year-old Luninets resident, who "in the extremist telegram channel ... left negative comments under the photo of the head of the security unit. "Balaba is also an extremist of the Ohmons faction. Investigators gave a legal assessment to the commentators' actions and opened criminal proceedings over insulting a government official. The maximum penalty for this is the restriction of liberty up to three years. It is reported that the suspect works as a furniture assembler, was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility, including being intoxicated in a public place. The second extra is unemployed, she has not entered the field of vision of the police. Chemodanova added that the work "to identify the authors of offensive messages" on the Internet continues

Political prisoner Stepan Latypov tried to kill himself in court
by Elena SPASYUK / 06/01/2021 / 16:06 / SocietyViews: 1880 A- A +

The ending of the first day of the trial against the defender of the mural with the "DJs of Changes", 41-year-old Stepan Latypov, was shocking. The trial in the Sovetsky District Court of Minsk began on the morning of June 1. At about half past three, Latypov stuck an object in his neck. While the guards were opening the cage, the man had already passed out. "Styopa, what have you done to yourself !?"

The trial is being conducted by judge Alexander Volk. The prosecution is represented by the assistant prosecutor of the Sovetsky district, Vladimir Ryabov. About 30 people came to support Latypov, only 18 got into the hall, although there were still empty seats. When Latypov was being led in handcuffs with his hands behind him, he showed the "victoria" sign. The left arm above the hand of Latypov was bandaged, under the eye hematoma. The judge banned photography and video filming during and before the trial. He also conveyed the order of the chairman of the court banning filming in the courthouse. The police forced the journalists to remove the photographs, although it was previously allowed to shoot in the building and in the courtrooms before the arrival of the judge. The tragic incident with an attempted suicide occurred after the break. Sergei Latypov, Stepan's father, acted as a witness. He said that Stepan is a good son, has a sense of empathy, an active person with a sense of civic duty. After Sergei Latypov testified, Stepan said that they came to him from the GUBOPiK and warned him: if he did not agree with the accusation, then not only he, but the whole family would have problems. Latypov pleaded not guilty. “Father, get ready,” said Stepan Latypov, then, as far as it is clear from the reports of the witnesses of the incident, he stood on a bench in the cage, took out an object and thrust it into his neck. Probably, it could have been a ballpoint pen that was in his folder with papers. After that, women began to shout in the hall. Latypov's father froze in the witness's place, but he was quickly taken out. Those present addressed the convoy: "Do something, help him!" One guard tried to open the door of the cage, it did not give in. The other two started shouting for everyone to leave the hall. People did not leave at once, they demanded help to the defendant. Some women shouted: "Styopa, what have you done to yourself!" What happened in the courtroom after the people left is unknown. In the corridor, the young woman felt sick, they were looking for validol. Someone called an ambulance. As a result, two teams arrived. Latypov was loaded into one of the cars. The car, with the flashing lights on, drove away from the courthouse at 15:12. In the building of the Soviet court in Minsk, there are big problems with the transfer of the accused. They are led directly along the corridor, at which time the listeners and participants in the process are asked to go down from the second floor to the first. Here, as a rule, criminal cases are considered on the second floor. If the defendant needs to use the toilet, he is led to the only toilet on the ground floor open to visitors. So it was with Latypov. Several women were queuing up to the only booth in the toilet after lunch. The escort asked them to leave: "The defendant urgently needs to go to the toilet." The women walked away. Latypov was taken to the toilet. The door was open. The process was watched by a guard. It is difficult to imagine that he did not notice how Latypov took some object there, but it cannot be ruled out. What is accused of Recognized as a political prisoner, Latypov is accused of 1, 2 tbsp. 342 (organization of group actions that grossly violate public order and are associated with clear disobedience to the legal requirements of government officials, which entailed disruption of the work of transport and organizations, and active participation in such actions); h. 2 tbsp. 363 (resistance to employees of internal affairs bodies in the performance of their duties to protect public order); h. 4 tbsp. 209 (large-scale fraud). Stepan Latypov was detained on September 15, 2020 and placed in jail No. 1 on Volodarskogo Street in Minsk. According to the prosecution, he actively resisted the police officers, involving the use of violence. Three policemen were recognized as victims. Policeman Vasily Rogov said that there was a “fixed post” at the “Change Square” where he was on duty. The police had to push people away from the wall so that the utilities could paint over the mural. According to Rogov, when Latypov was detained, he kicked him in the head. Latypova's lawyer drew attention to the fact that the charge is not about a blow, but about intention. Rogov said: “I don’t know, there must have been a blow. There was a movement of the cap. I didn’t go to the doctors ”. Also, according to the investigation, "the accused united a group of citizens around him to jointly participate in actions that grossly violate public order in the capital." Together with the chat participants, the accused "created workshops for the production of protest symbols, including flags, which were intended to be placed on the facades of buildings." According to the materials of the case, "Latypov"
organized the collection of funds from the community members for the material organization of its activities. " Latypov is charged with participation in the blocking of roads and disobedience to the legitimate demands of the authorities. The Investigative Committee also reported that during the audit of the financial and economic activities of the Belarbo enterprise, whose director and accountant was Latypov, facts of theft and improper provision of services were established. According to the prosecution, in the period from April 2019 to September 2020, Latypov "under the guise of carrying out legal activities, through deception and misleading, took possession of the funds of at least 16 legal entities for a total amount of more than 123 thousand rubles." The fraud, according to the version of the state prosecutor Vladimir Ryabov, is that Latypov entered into contracts for the processing of areas from the cow parsnip Sosnovsky in different regions of Belarus. According to the prosecution, the squares were either not processed, or were processed with chemicals banned in Belarus, "creating the appearance of performed services." For the order Latypov received from two to seven thousand rubles. What happened Latypov was detained in the courtyard of his house on Chervyakov Street on "Changes Square", where previously white-red-white flags were hung, and two DJs were drawn on the ventilation booth, who played Viktor Tsoi's song "Changes" on August 6 at an official event in Kiev Square. He just defended the booth with the image of DJs from the security forces, who once again came to destroy the drawing. Latypov, according to eyewitnesses, demanded that the unknown in civilian clothes and masks introduce themselves. This was confirmed by the police-victims. None of them sought medical attention and received no bodily harm. The policemen-victims told how people shouted when they took Latypov away. There were about twenty people in the yard. Another injured policeman-driver, Alexander Balysh, noted at the trial that “all those present in the courtyard offered resistance - they held them by their uniforms, pushed them”. Balysh did not receive any damage, the form also did not suffer. He considers himself a victim, because “he received moral damage, heard a lot of insults from people, including from Latypov”. But a minute later Balysh announced that he did not consider himself a victim. Balysh said that he had seen Latypov's deliberate blow to the head of his colleague. True, this happened not when Latypov was carried to the car, but when he was lying on the ground. He ended his testimony with the words: "Rather, there was an attempt to strike." Answering the judge's question, Balysh said that the blow did not happen, because his colleague dodged. At the same time, Balysh does not remember some details, for example, how many people carried Latypov into the car. The judge asked why people protected the image on the wall, not allowing it to be painted over. Balysh explained his vision of the mural's idea: “Images of people of anti-political nature”. Another victim Dmitry Pukhlo said during the preliminary investigation that Latypov tried to hit him on the head. But at the trial, Pukhlo corrected his testimony, saying that there was no intention to hit him on the part of Latypov: "The man was being carried, he was waving his arms." Plump found it difficult to answer the lawyer's question whether he considers himself a victim. How vilified Already on September 19, several state television channels broadcast a story about the detention of Latypov. In these stories, it was claimed that he was suspected of organizing an illegal channel for the supply of dangerous chemicals to the country and intended to use poisonous substances against police officers. An anonymous employee of the GUBOPiK present in the frame said on the air of Belarus 1 that Latypov “is one of the active participants and coordinators of the riots in Minsk; unauthorized actions in the capital to place prohibited symbols and murals on the facades of buildings ”. Latypov's company "Belabro" to this day removes dangerous trees in cemeteries, parks, squares, and also deals with harmful plants, for example, Sosnovsky's hogweed. In 2019, Latypov employed 14 people, he won a tender for the processing of cow parsnip in the entire Minsk region. As reported by the Nastoyaschye Vremya TV channel, among Latypov's clients are VIPs, Dipservice, he put trees in order in the presidential residence. Due to the specifics of his professional activity, Latypov had legal chemicals at his disposal. It is noteworthy that the main page of the Belabro website contains stories of BT and ONT, in which the activities of the enterprise are presented as socially significant. Used video

June 30 from twitter
Stepan Latypov returned to Volodarka after a forensic psychiatric examination. Stepan ended up in the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Mental Health on June 18. The examination lasted exactly one week. On June 25 he was returned to Volodarka.
Latypov's suicide embarrassed Lukasencko judges for the first time. Latypov's case remains unresolved on June 30. Latypov is the signal. The chain suicide of prisoners stops the judgments. A lesson to learn.

La désinformation russo-belarus

Le dossier du détournement du boeing Ryanair se transforme en une affaire de désinformation et d'intoxication russo-bélarus.
L'une des surprises de ce dossier était de voir, le 24 mai, l'intervention de la désinformeuse du Kremlin Zackareva se déclarant "choquée" par les réactions européennes à propos du détournement du vol Rayanair de Vilnius sur Minsk. Elle désinformait habilement sur le mode des faux souvenirs implantables en mémoire en reprochant à l'Europe d'avoir, en 2013, provoqué à la demande des Etats Unis l'arrestation du président brésilien Evo Morales. L'affaire se rapporte à Edgar Snowden, alors suspecté d'être convoyé depuis la Russie, par le Brésil, à la demande de Biden, alors vice président de Obama.
L'autre surprise, se résume à l'apparition du hamas, dans ce détournement rocambolesque du 23 mai, en qualité d'auteur d'un message d'attentat à la bombe, venu de Suisse. Message relayé hier 25 mai par la presse lituanienne, suite à l'enquête préliminaire menée par Vilnius, lors du retour des passagers, sans les otages détenus, au nombre desquels figurent des absents russes, membres des services de renseignement "soviétiques". Ce matin à Minsk Loukasancko se défend en affimant avoir fait son devoir en détenant le Lituanien Protavicius qu'il recherchait. Sans expliquer, ni justifier, la détention de Sofia Sapega.

Ainsi seraient mensongères les affirmations selon lesquelles un mig 29 militaire, et un hélicoptère MI 24, participaient au détournement du Boeing. En revanche aucune copie n'est produite du message d'attentat à la bombe du Hamas palestinien alors en guerre contre Israel avec des affrontements meurtriers dans la bande Gaza. L'élection de BIDEN constitue une mauvaise nouvelle pour l'Occident. Car son retour aux affaires ramène les conflits iraniens et israéliens. il faudra demander à l'ambassadeur Suisse Claude Altermatt la copie du message d'appel à la bombe du dimanche 23 mai, si toutefois ce message existe. Les données disponibles le 23 mai évoquent un affrontement entre les passagers, dissipé, sans explication par la presse lituanienne de ce dimanche. La presse Suisse 24 Heures rapporte ceci "Selon un passager français âgé de 25 ans, Arthur Six, l’opposant a «paniqué mais s’est calmé après cela». «Il ne criait pas, mais c’était visible qu’il avait très peur. On aurait dit que si le hublot avait été ouvert, il aurait sauté», renchérissait un autre passager, Edvinas Dimsa, 37 ans".
Il faut 10 minutes pour aller de Vilnius à Minsk. Ce furent donc 10 minutes d'angoisse de se sentir piégé. Loukasancko justifie la détention par un fait du hasard, secondé par les renseignements militaires russes. Protasevic était recherché il le capture. En 2013 Evo Morales revenait en Bolivie, pas Protasevic en Lituanie. Ni son amie Sofia dont "l'aveu" de diriger NEXTA rappelle le film du même nom de Costa Gavras contre les généraux grecs. Le mélange est peu crédible. Il faudra se contenter de ce mauvais brouet. Une soupe de Bortsch dirait Marina. Les orties comme salade il faut aimer. Désormais le président Nauseda doit gérer ses erreurs, notamment la fin des séjours charters dans les pays baltes et la récession touristique annoncée. La compagnie aérienne belorus Belavia perd sa licence de Vol avec la Suède. Le plus grave se nomme désormais le procès Protevicius. Au CEDH ou ailleurs, à Moscou? L'Europe est appelée à défendre ses valeurs de droit d'expression. Telle est la question posée à Borrel hier, par l'adresse Ainsi que ce matin à Macron et à son ministre Le Driant.

Déroutage d'avion de ligne ou détournement, quelle différence?
Le 26 mai 2021 Lukasancko comparaissait devant le Parlement du Bélarus rapportait ATS Suisse à 11h40 afin d'y faire un aveu, et d'y déclarer 2 mensonges pour les faire accepter par l'opinion publique.

L'aveu concerne le détournement du vol RYANAIR le dimanche 23 mai 2021
"Le président bélarusse Alexandre Loukachenko a affirmé avoir agi «légalement» en déroutant un avion civil sur Minsk" déclarait les agences de presse Keystone et Belta
le26/05 à 11h40 dans le même communiqué. Déroutage ou détournement de ligne quelle différence? Aucune!?

Les deux mensonges

le faux démenti du mig 29 russe d'interception forcée, était un simple accompagnement!
Lukasancko confirme en appaisant les craintes la présence d'un mig 29 pour un autre motif que la coercition MILITAIRE de quelle base? RUSSE? non précisé: Depuis quand un avion militaire sert-il à d'autres usages que la guerre? Une subversion de symboles?
"«la mission de l'avion de chasse était d'établir la communication, d'accompagner l'atterrissage de l'avion de passagers en cas de situation d'urgence». Aucune urgence constatée, mais un appareil militaire confirmé :notez la confusion entretenue. Il tente de rassurer à minima comme un menteur patenté.
l'évocation de l'urgence se rapporte à une prétendue alerte à la bombe démentie rapidement par le Hamas mis en cause le 23 mai, et la suisse le 26 mai en ces termes "Le Hamas démentait rapidement être concerné par une alerte à la bombe".

La Suisse démentait mercredi 26 mai la déclaration du dirigeant autoritaire biélorusse Aliaksandr Loukachenko selon laquelle un avion de Ryanair reliant Athènes à Vilnius le week-end dernier était détourné de force à Minsk par un appareil militaire après avoir reçu des informations des autorités suisses sur une bombe qui aurait été placée à bord.
"Selon les informations disponibles, la Suisse n'était pas au courant de la menace d'une bombe sur le vol Athènes-Vilnius de Ryanair", déclarait Pierre Allain Eltschinger, porte-parole du Département fédéral des affaires étrangères DFAE, cité par les médias suisses.
"En conséquence, il n'y a eu aucune notification de la Suisse aux autorités bélarussiennes ATS/KEYSTONE/BELTA communiqué 26/05

la fausse action légale de protection prétendue de la population
Le dictateur du Bélarus affirmait le 26 mai 2021 "J'ai agi légalement, en défendant les gens, conformément à toutes les règles internationales." Justification "à minima" du menteur elle aussi.
L'avis de recherche de Raman Protasevic émanait du Procureur général de Minsk, et la recherche concernait l'UEE asiatique depuis octobre 2020 inopposable à l'Europe.
"En octobre, la Biélorussie déclarait Nexta chaîne "extrémiste" et ordonnait son blocage "Baltic News Service 24/05
On apprenait le 25 mai que l'auteure des appels à manifester se nommait Sofia Sapega et non Raman par cette déclaration publique. "NEXTA c'est moi".
Sofia Sapega était alors non recherchée, sa détention physique se trouve dépourvue de justification au titre de la défense internationale du droit des gens (jus gentium) à la protection générale par un Etat. A quel titre le Bélarus s'en charge? Par la magie opérationnelle d'un avion militaire appelé expressément sur le théâtre d'opération.
Lukasancko opère ici une confusion volontaire afin de justifier, à postériori, une rétention arbitraire et la faire accepter par l'opinion publique dans l'indifférence générale. Une technique de manipulation issue du "soviétisme"dont Lukasancko donne ici une démonstration magistrale.

L'abus d'autorité avec circonstance aggravante de la rétention de Sofia Sapega le 23 mai à Minsk.
Les relations de Sofia Sapega et de la Russie dépendent de l'accord cadre signé entre la Russie et l'Europe et non de l'intégration politique de la Russie et du Bélarus.
Le refus du consul russe de porter secours à Sofia Sapega, selon Svetlana, est susceptible de mettre en cause Putin, si de tels ordres émanaient du Kremlin.
Dans cette affaire, le mélange malsain des projections mentales des uns et des autres, et les discours d'impuissance des appels assourdissant à la libération des passagers obscurcit la compréhension générale des enjeux.En Europe la liberté d'expression est "sans considération de frontières" au sens de la charte des droits du traité de Lisbonne. A reporter sur le droit à la liberté d'expression de la constitution du bélarus.
Article 33.
La liberté de pensée et d'opinion est garantie à chacun, ainsi que la liberté de les exprimer librement. Un texte bien malmené en ces temps de répression et de confusion.

Comment convaincre de ne pas libérer Protasevicius (manipulation/désinformation du bélarus)
nous pensions que l'action de manipulation de Minsk était arrivée à son terme, c'était sans compter sur le rebondissement du message du hamas, ce matin 27/05 selon lequel Raman Protasevicius décidait de se livrer lui-même, à son bourreau
Deux messages du BNS relançaient le 27/05 à 09h51 le feuilleton du vol Ryanair en livrant une suite avec des incohérences, sur Kauno Diena et
Première incohérence le nom russe du correspond du HAMAS : ahmed-yurlanov1988. prénom, nom, année de naissance. la base d'expédition le site, au lieu de la DFAE. Seconde incohérence relevée l'information selon laquelle Vilnius était informée depuis le 23 mai. Alors que les articles précédents du BNS n'en faisait pas état. Puis le coup de grâce selon lequel Protasevicius se serait livré volontairement à Minsk en désespoir de cause pour éviter de sauter en plein vol : "Selon lui, l'information a été immédiatement transmise à l'équipage de conduite et "elle pouvait retourner à Lviv, Kiev, atterrir à Varsovie ou s'envoler pour Vilnius, mais a pris sa propre décision d'atterrir à Minsk".Ainsi le détail mineur évacué de l'alerte à la bombe revient au centre de l'attention. L'opinion publique conclut s'il s'est livré volontairement inutile de le libérer. Lukasancko a raison de le garder.Tout est fait pour crédibiliser Minsk alors que le Hamas nie les faits. Du grand art de la désinformation d'Etat.

Les déclarations successives de Lukasancko, et les commentaires successifs, publiés le 27 mai 2021, effondraient davantage le frêle équilibre mis en place, pour justifier l'acte de piraterie du Bélarus
Plusieurs enquêtes étaient lancées le 27 mai dont celle du FBI, sur le détournement du vol Ryanair le 23 mai. Il devenait de plus en plus difficile à Minsk de se justififier. L'opinion publique était convaincue que Minsk tenait le mauvais rôle. Les retraits de vols achevaient de désorganiser l'activité aérienne touchant cette fois Aéroflot et donc la compagnie russe. Le Vendredi 28 mai le vol hebdomadaire Vilnius-Moscou était annulé. Plus un seul avion occidental ne survolait le Belarus. Paris refusait au vol Minsk-Barcelone le survol de son territoire. Contraignant le vol à rebrousser chemin. La Suède retirait à Belavia la compagnie aérienne du Bélarus, sa licence de vol. L'intégration Russie-Belarus servait d'argument afin de réduire les offres commerciales des compagnies aériennes. Une évidence politique s'imposait par l'expression du refus de contracter avec Minsk. Putin devait gérer la crise. Lukasancko ne comptait plus sur la scène internationale. Certes la crise du tourisme charter des pays Baltes reste encore à régler. Toutefois au détriment de 2 pays: le Bélarus et la Russie. L'alerte à la bombe du présumé Hamas s'estompait, il ne restait que les incohérences d'un message rédigé en russe, émanant d'un palestinien présume se nommer YURLANOV, posté de Suisse. Trop d'invraisemblances dans la chaine! Un mauvais scénario de polar de dernière zone.
la séquence Sofia Sapega reste à jouer....

Le message d'alerte à la bombe était envoyé <après> le détournement du vol Ryanair le 23 mai, affirme le 27 mai
«Toutefois, nous sommes en mesure de voir quand le message a été envoyé et nous pouvons confirmer que le message en question a été envoyé après que l'avion a été détourné», indique encore la compagnie protonmail.