death of lukasencko

We know of two versions of this death. That announced on April 17, 2021 during the subbotnik on Belarusian television: an attack on July 3, then an imprisonment in a cellar in Gomel with his sons. Weird. July passed without any attack or cellar in Gomel. Nothing went as advertised.

The second version began on May 23, 2021 with the hijacking of the Ryanair plane,(a link) followed by the announcement of the invasion of migrants in Lithuania against Europe, and the concealment of the 20,000 Daesh migrants available in Lithuania for importation. in Lithuania against Christians. Invasion happened after.

The second death now interests us because of its political and social consequences. President Nausada after declaring "it is urgent to wait" by procrastinating changes his mind "it is time to find a solution", another form of procrastination to replace the first by taking more time. Because the confrontation can be summed up as follows: 20,000 believers in the caliphate of Daesh, Muslims and polygamists against the monogamous Christian culture. The Lithuanian President is in no hurry. This means that the heritage of the values ​​of Saint Alexander Nevsky does not interest him. Whereas LUKASENCKO sells them off. Putin, in the name of Russian integration, appropriates Belarus in advance like the Mongols in the past. For this reason Luckasencko decided to raze all forms of opposition to his will, in particular human rights. Which suits Putin. For this reason Luckasencko attacked its population, via its police and judicial apparatus. In order to replace the current population by personnel of the caliphate of Daesh more docile to its orders. To this end, it rots Lithuanian society by making monogamous and polygamous coexist by imposing forced migrations. Concerned about results Putin supports the economy of Belarus in order to tame US sanctions. Because Putin plans to take his oil freedom by swapping Luckasencko for the caliphate, the second death of Belarus. The caliphate produces oil that Belarus needs. Migrants serve as a bargaining chip. The day will come when Putin delivers Belarus to turnkey migrants. Either on the physical death of Lukasencko, or when he will have become useless. Svietlana will no longer be a concern. The Caliphate has already provided for her repudiation, and her remarriage, if she can still be useful as an interlocutor of Europeans (VAN DER LEYEN, Borrel in particular. The second death is expected during the first 7 months of 2022. The transition to the caliphate at the same time. period.