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Des accusations sont portées contre des détenus dans l'affaire TUT.BY (mise à jour)

Aujourd'hui, 10 jours expireront à compter du jour de la détention des personnes dans l'affaire TUT.BY. Elles doivent être inculpés ou libérés. Pendant que les messages proviennent de la première option.

La veuve de Yuri Zisser, Yulia Chernyavskaya, est inculpée. Cela a été annoncé sur Facebook par  sa fille Eugenie

De plus, des poursuites ont été portées contre la chef comptable de "TUT BY MEDIA" Angela Assad et la directrice du projet TAM.BY, PDG de RocketData Daria Danilova , rapporte la chaîne de télégramme tutby_official.

"Il n'y a pas encore d'informations sur le statut du reste des employés de TUT.BY, puisque les avocats sont sous un accord de non-divulgation" , note la société. «Si, 10 jours après le moment de la détention, nos collègues ne sont pas libérés, cela signifiera qu’ils ont également été inculpés et qu’une mesure de contention a été choisie pour une période de deux mois.» 

Dans la soirée du 28 mai, TUT.BY a déclaré : 10 jours après l'arrestation, les accusés dans l'affaire TUT.BY dans le centre de détention provisoire n'ont pas été libérés. Cela signifie qu'ils ont été inculpés et resteront en détention

Processing fees, guide and business directory. What we have lost with TUT.BY. MAY 19, 2021, 2:34 PM AUTHOR: HRODNA.LIFE blocking of TUT.BY.

One of the biggest news resources in Belarus, TUT.BY, has been blocked since yesterday May 18th. It's actively published by Google search, but doesn't even open through a VPN. The news is available on social networks (telegram). In collaboration with TUT.BY, the Belarusian Ministry of Information has restricted access to other resources belonging to the portal or hosted on its domain.
This is a resource that contains requests for help from parents and loved ones to raise funds for the treatment of sick children and adults. We are talking about people with oncology, genetic diseases (including ADM), cerebral palsy and others.
"Globe of Belarus"
Stepan Stureika, head of the Belarusian Committee of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICAMOS), called the resource "the main encyclopedia of Belarusian cultural heritage". The site contains information on historic buildings of Belarus in varying degrees of preservation with photographs and their exact coordinates, even in the most remote places of major cities. Guides and travelers have used the resource when planning routes. Google play had a site-based mobile application, which is no longer available. The previously installed application works. The jobs are also associated with the “Globe”
“ Library” and “Moving map” services, as they are not located in the domain. Update . The Globe of Belarus project website has been moved to a new domain. It is now available on Postal service The TUT.BY postal service is one of the oldest in Belarus. It was launched in 2000, along with the main portal. Now, email can only be opened through "Yandex", to which email services were transferred in 2015. To do this, go to the page and use the login and password of the mailbox you used on
business directory The service contains information on commercial enterprises, services, stores, classified by city, discounts and promotions. Some companies have used the directory as an alternative to their own site. ебенок.by
This is a site for parents dedicated to child development, pregnancy, childbirth, education. Advice from psychologists, pediatricians and other relevant information has been published. TUT.BY also contained a weather forecast service, a currency calculator, a poster of events and cultural institutions across Belarus, as well as a number of thematic sections on sports, technology, cars and more. . What happened On May 18 at the offices of the news agency TUT.BY, and came siloviki. It was reported that there was no access to the office. Log into TUT.BY from inside a dark office, until today there is no more access, CCTV cameras do not appear, according to "Nasha Niva". Employees of the Financial Investigations Department also visited regional media offices. Currently, more than 8 media professionals have been arrested, reports TUT.BY. Among them are Editor-in-Chief Maryna Zolotava, Managing Director Lyudmila Chekina, Deputy Managing Director Iryna Rybalka, Managing Editor Volha Loika, Chief Accountant Angela Assad, Chief Engineer Alla Lapatko, Lawyer Katsyaryna Tkachenka, reporter Alena Talkachova. The fate of many remained unknown until late May 18. Company employees were searched. Processing fees, guide and business directory. What we have lost with TUT.BY. Photo: t. me / tutby_official TUT.BY has been in the Belarusian media space for 20 years. The forced stoppage of his work came the day after the anniversary of the death of the founder of the resource, Yuri Zisser. The whereabouts of his widow, Yulia Chernyavskaya, are now unknown. On May 18, security guards came to her home, as well as other TUT.BY co-founders, and she felt sick. At the hospital, she was accompanied by an escort. The reason for blocking the resource, the Ministry of Information believed that the prosecutor's office found the facts of repeated violations of the law in terms of posting prohibited information on the portal. According to Article 38 of the Mass Media Law, the dissemination of information on behalf of organizations which have not obtained the record.
From avait réalisé ce que l'on nomme dans le métier l'intégration verticale complète : le serveur était intégré au service sans back office. les autres adresses de tut en com et net étaient servies du bélarus. Aucun plan n'était prévu en cas de coupure du serveur, ce qui arriva le 18 mai. L'imprévoyance causa la perte de

The charge of the chief engineer of Tut Bai Media is also related to taxes. In belarus the procedural practice is to accuse falsely in order to "load" the file. The chief engineer of "BUY HERE MEDIA" Alla Lapatko is accused of complicity in large-scale tax evasion (part 6 of article 16, part 2 of article 243 of the Criminal Code), according to TUT.BY news. On June 4, 2021, the Minsk City Court confirmed the preventive measure chosen against Alla Lapatko in the form of arbitrary detention. Previously, it was reported that TUT.bY editor-in-chief Marina Zolotova and portal journalist Elena Tolkacheva are also accused of complicity in tax evasion on a particularly large scale (part 1 of article 16, part 2 of section 243 of the Criminal Code). A total of 15 people have been held in the TUT.Y case since May 18. Without pay because's bank accounts are blocked.

Brutal operation will not give the desired effect At the same time, as editor-in-chief Nikolai Kozlovich noted, describing what happened to, "the ecosystem has been knocked out with a hammer - the consequences are unpredictable." The offline portal was too big a part of the buynet - over 60% of Belarusian internet users were its audience. The gap with the following site is very large. It can be assumed that the audience will be gradually distributed among the remaining sites, but no one will benefit from such coverage. It is quite possible that part of the public goes to Russian sites with a Belarusian residence permit (for example, "Sputnik Belarus") or simply to Russian sites - in the ordinary opinion, they offer a balanced coverage of the political crisis in Belarus. If this happens, it will strengthen the influence of the Kremlin's propaganda, which already dominates the TV channels accessible to Belarusian audiences. At the same time, it will weaken the influence of the Belarusian state propaganda machine, which is important, because in the first half of 2020, the Minsk official repeatedly complained about "hostile information attacks against Belarus ”by the Russian media. In any case, information sovereignty, which is described as one of the objectives of the Belarusian information security concept, will not be strengthened by the liquidation of, quite the contrary. Previously, authorities seemed to be wondering whether it was possible to change's editorial policy through threats or the seizure of the company. If it were possible to take control of the portal and the brand, it would still be necessary to get rid of the editorial staff, too involved in what Belarusian officials consider to be "a destructive informational and psychological influence" - these people are unfair. However, such a team cannot be replaced by loyalists unnoticed by the public, and none of the representatives of the state propaganda machine has yet achieved such success as the team. As a result, authorities decided to simply turn off the irritant. Maybe someone will get some "for winning over" rewards, but it's too early to bury this project. Overall, the whole operation looks like an ineffective attempt to take control of the production and distribution of content. If, in the totalitarian USSR, they were afraid but listened to the voices of Western radios, then for Belarusian Internet users, this fear does not exist and the choice is wider.