Humanitarian smuggling
used in Minsk belarus, Russia, and Lituania
- Migrants imported by plane to Minsk by russians and belorus
police lituanian minister Agne Bilotaite said on last week of may 2021 that Lukasencko usually import migrants by planes directly to Minsk.
It was surprising to read on june 10 and 11, on BNS Kauno Diena, the project of Lituanian to receive these migrants in "village of tentes" camping place. President outside the country in Sakartwel and PM Ingrida Simonaité too.
but it is necessary to think that, in every lituanian, you will find a native smuggler.

For these migrants Lituania thinks about the european mechanism of compensation. Each migrant has a price paid by Europ (Borrel or Ursula Von der Leyen) near 5000 euros.

It seems that the Lituanian Parliament (Seimas) will vote a new tax of 10.000 euros per migrant. So after tobacco Smuggling Lukasencko found a new market: the humanitarian Europ legal Migration. with help of Putin from Russia.

Saturday june 12 of 2021 58 new migrants found in the lituanian border
are they?


24 June 2021
MIGRANTS parked at Prabade Lituania wants mosquee for allah and lituanian do not give it to them. So they disagree with that camping and want to escape. Guards was obliged to use gaz and gun, nobody hurted


beware about lituanian judges and advocates
corrupted and dishonnest