les appels à manifester

Collectiv call  of mai 26

On May 25, 2021 Pavel Latusko's NAU, Svetlana's Coordination Committee, Valery Tsepkalo's committee called on the people of Belarus to demonstrate on May 29 and the weekend of 31 inclusive. Without joining the committee of Victor Barbariko, nor the group led by Nina Barginskaya
this is the second time, in May 2021, that Pavel Latusko's NAU has called for a demonstration. It seems that in this case Svetlana plans to show that she still exists and that her Coordination Committee is occupying the field. Pavel Latusko's previous call ended in failure, following police infiltrations on his telegram network

Victor Barbariko stands aside, and Masha gives no instructions
veronica Tspekalo, Sveta and Masha in 2020 during the presidential elections: the "3 oil women" of Belarus

Masha, the true patriot, and Victor Barbariko "Together".

This call to demonstrate, in order to show its strength, launched on Twitter on May 25 constitutes premature action, in the recent context of the Ryanair plane hijacking on May 23, and the break-in of tut by the 18th. The risks are too important for zero stake. Because the population is too exposed by the police raids of the militia of the mode, and the recursive legal actions of the courts for the administrative prosecutions. Sabotage would be a much better answer, in the sense used by the resistance fighters in 1939-1945. The Brown plague is that of Lukasancko the corrupt, the people must resist him every day in order to defend his right to freedom. Tutby2.com dissociates itself from the call to demonstrate by advising to sabotage the regime of dictator Lukasancko by all possible means.

Head hunting:
Call for 11 million euros to capture Lukansancko
A bonus of 11 million euros would be offered by Valéry Tsepkalo to anyone able to capture and lock up Alexander Lukasancko. The amount offered by the premium, and its method of payment cast doubt on the seriousness of the proposal. The amount is being withheld in donor bank accounts when proof of the arrest of the Belarusian dictator is provided. The collection of the sum, strangely enough, by public subscription would have produced 136,000 euros in 48 hours, according to a telegram. This amounts to saying that the premium is constituted by private public donations, and not by financing from Tsepkalo. This uncertainty is detrimental to the offer of head hunting. The announcement was reported by Delfi.lt and You Tube on May 29
extrait de la video You Tube de l'offre de chasse de tête de 11 millions d'euros.

No demo on May 30
Calls for a demonstration in Belarus on May 30 by the organizers failed. We only noticed the solidarity movements of Svetlana's appeal on May 29, especially in the Belarusian diaspora in several European countries. The opposition lost the streets after the winter.