Taking control of an aircraft with threats is called air piracy. No difference whether a commando intervenes or a president, head of state of a country or not in exercise. The penal code is indifferent to the motives of the takers of control of the aircraft. This situation is that of the Ryanair flight dated May 23, 2021, under the authority of Lukasancko. This offense has gone unpunished since that date. The question is whether or not there has been a takeover. The AOCI organization must make an official report at the end of January 2022 on this fact. On the basis of the fact I decided to file a formal complaint, so that justice can find the accomplice (s), Lukasancko or Putin, the President of Russia, or both, accomplices or an organized gang? same for all? Whether you are small or large? YOU and me MUST KNOW.

Each of us must understand and know to react in the event of piracy. For this motf I filed a complaint against named people in order to raise the uncertainties facing the cowards of political leaders. By using French laws.
For this complaint to be investigated, it is necessary to bring a civil party. For this reason I ask all those interested, to contribute in order to collect the sum which will be requested for the deposit by a judge. in order to appoint an investigating judge to investigate this case of consumer transport and security. Because the French president is a big coward. It owes its citizens protection but does nothing. You have an email in this site on the contact page to obtain iban and swift data to make a transfer. Thank you in advance to everyone for your help.

french penal law text:
Article 224-6. The taking or taking control by violence or threat of violence of an aircraft, a ship or any other means of transport on board which people are on board, as well as a platform stationary located on the continental shelf, is punished by twenty years of criminal imprisonment.
· When the offense provided for in article 224-6 is committed in an organized gang, the penalty is increased to thirty years of criminal imprisonment. The first two paragraphs of article 132-23 are applicable to this offense.

Who are we?
A trade union declared in Paris on November 25, 1989 with the aim of freedom of audiovisual communication. Our link with human rights.
Then little by little the pyramid was built. Over time. Then came the idea of ​​equality between rulers and ruled. The leaders are held to an exemplary life. In eastern countries, the opposite is observed. A politician clings to power to the point of depriving his opponents of standing for election. Then he hacked a plane and had his passengers arrested for various reasons using force, then finally he deprived his citizens of lawyers. All of this is accepted by the United Nations. We realize that human rights no longer count. It is then necessary to restore order.
This is why the union was created.
We collect money to pay the legal costs of those who need it. When they lack financial means.
We launched our first operation against Lukasancko on November 11, 2021, the day of the armistice of the 1st World War, of the Treaty of Versailles of Polish Minister Paderesvky, when Poland was attacked by migrants. We will see the rest.