Belarusian Association of Journalists
is closed, while 27 #Belarus media workers are jailed and the rest are politically persecuted. We call for the immediate release of journalists and all political prisoners in Belarus
The closure of the Belarusian Association of Journalists @baj_by is a deplorable next step restricting media freedom in #Belarus. I once again call on the authorities to implement their OSCE commitments on freedom of expression and #mediafreedom. #BAJ My statement:

For us there is no closure of the association of journalists of belarus, whatever the decisions of an incompetent court. The natural protection of journalists must be that of the United Nations. In Europe, based on demands for respect for rights, protections no longer exist. For this reason, we call on journalists to arm themselves in order to defend themselves, and to enforce their rights through arms when Europe denies them the aid to which they are entitled.

Professional journalists are the mercenaries of their rights. They arm themselves and protect themselves against the police and the authorities. After an unanswered official call for release, BAJ members have the right to shoot police and authorities on sight in order to kill Lukansencko and his supporters. and to do the job that neither the United Nations nor Europe refuse.
For this reason we call on you to arm yourselves and to fire without warning on the judges, magistrates, and militiamen of the regime.

any member of the BAJ must be a fighter to liquidate Lukasencko and his traitors.

Supreme Court liquidates Belarusian Association of Journalists
2021.08.27 18:52

Photo: ТК / Belsat
On August 27, the Supreme Court of Belarus ruled to liquidate the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ). The independent media organization, which brings together more than 1,300 media workers, has been working since 1995.

The liquidation hearing was scheduled to take place on August 11, but was postponed. On August 23, the association attempted to appeal the warning from the Justice Ministry, which accused the NGO of "repeated violations of the law."

On august 28 we create the domain name to help baj to survivre. you can contact me at any time at my email adress here at and we can do our best togehter. Before i was member of french press.